SCA Forest's innovation work is aimed at creating efficient and sustainable forestry. A digitalized flow from forest to mill opens for an efficient flow and value-creating service offerings to forest owners.


The Skogsvinge™ tool offers all forest owners in northern Sweden access to a completely new perspective on their forest holding and unique opportunities to obtain detailed knowledge about their forest. Skogsvinge™ is a collective name for several different products that describe the forest and help in its management. The data is collected using airborne laser scanning. SCA has subsequently developed methods for producing high-precision forest inventory data based on this information. Skogsvinge's products include Skogsvinge™ Forest Inventory Data [Skoglig data], which provides information on the forest's height, volume, ground area and diameter. Skogsvinge™ Thinning indicates where it is appropriate to thin the forest, and Skogsvinge™ Shadow Terrain Model shows a view under the vegetation, for example hidden obstacles and where weak sections and ditches are hidden. The combination of these products forms a solid basis for forestry planning, as good as if you had conducted an inventory of the entire property from the ground!

From the Skogsvinge app, you can also download your forestry plan so you have this with you when you visit your forest. Using the BankID security app, you can easily log into and view your transactions, or sign contracts.

Contact Jonas Arvidsson, Strategic Marketing Manager, if you want to know more.


Hylosafe is SCA's new long-lasting, environmentally sound protection against pine weevils, which is as effective as chemical agents. Hylosafe consists of a mixture of sand and binder, meaning substances that do not harm the environment. We treat the lower part of the plant with Hylosafe before delivery and ensure that at least 80% of the trunk's circumference is covered by the mixture. This offers the plant a high level of protection. Pine weevils dislike chewing on Hylosafe, and the plants are therefore left alone. The protection offered by Hylosafe can last for up to two seasons, which increases the chance that the forest owner's rejuvenation process succeeds, with plants that survive and grow to become new forest.

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