Land Reclamation Östrand

In October 2022, SCA began ground and land construction work just west of Östrand's pulp factory in Timrå. The new area will be approximately 20 hectares, roughly the size of 40 football pitches. The land and land construction work will continue until 2025.

Current work winter 2023/2024

The reinforcement barrier is now complete. 6,700 cement pillars form the foundation for the new land extension in Skönviken, ensuring the stability of the ground for the industrial construction that will take place on-site.

At the end of September, the stone blasting wall was also completed. The last section was filled in, extending the land reclamation from the western abutment to the eastern, forming a basin.

Now that the edges of the basin have been completed, the focus in the land reclamation project is to fill the basin with fill material. At a rate of approximately 100 trucks per day, it is estimated that the basin will be completely filled by the end of February 2024.

Time line for Land reclamation


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