FAQ Land Reclamation Östrand

Why has SCA started a land reclamation project?

SCA is carrying out the land reclamation to enable future expansion. One possibility for future expansion is to build a biorefinery, something that SCA has received an environmental permit to do. However, no decision has been taken on the issue of biorefinery.

Here you can read more about the plans for the biorefinery.

Why do you start the land reclamation project before the decision on the biorefinery is made?

Östrand is strategically important to SCA and therefore we are preparing space for future needs. In the event that no investment decision on a biorefinery is made, the land will be able to be used for other purposes. The site we are now preparing is an area with landslide risk and reinforcements need to be made to get industrial land ready for construction.

When does land reclamation start?

Land begun in October 2022 and we estimate that this work will be completed at the turn of the year 2024/2025.

Where will the land reclamation take place?

Land reclamation works will be carried out west of SCA's pulp factory Östrand. It is on SCA land that is already used for, or intended for, industrial purposes. Part of Klingerfjärden will be filled in with land mass. The area will be about 20 ha, roughly the area of ​​40 football pitches. A new detailed plan for the area has been drawn up by Timrå municipality.

How many people will be working on the land reclamation project?

It will vary during the course of the project. It will be about 20 initially.

How much more traffic will there be?

There will be an increased proportion of transport to the area. Both of machines to be used for land reclamation and later also transport of materials for land construction.

As a local resident, how do I stay updated on what is happening?

We held a meeting for local residents in the fall of 2022, which was at the beginning of the land reclamation project. If wanted, we can invite to more meetings during the project. We will also keep this website updated with information on whats happening. There is also the option of subscribing to our newsletter (In Swedish only).

What will happen to Merlobäcken?

The reinforcement line, which is needed for stabilization and expansion of land area, connects in the west to land approximately 15 m north of Merlobäcken's mouth. You will be able to follow Merlobäcken all the way to the sea and the estuary will remain unchanged.

A lot of pollution measurements were carried out in Skönviken winter 2021-2022? What was the result?

The part of the bay affected by land expansion was divided into 24 squares of 50 x 50 metres. In these boxes, samples were taken at different depths of a number of substances. It was only in one of these boxes that a limit value was exceeded and it has been sent to an approved reception facility in the fall of 2022.

Can you build land in winter?

By keeping the bay ice free, we can do that.