Explore engineering with the Technology Leap

Get on a four-month journey to experience life as an engineer with the Technology Leap (Tekniksprånget) – and earn a salary while you're at it! This program is tailored for individuals under 21 years old who have successfully completed the natural science, technology och economy program in upper secondary school.

Your internship through the Technology Leap (Tekniksprånget) offers more than just a salary; it provides invaluable hands-on experience, networking opportunities, and access to a mentor. The primary goal of Tekniksprånget is to attract more individuals to the technology sector, and SCA actively participates in this program each year. New rounds commence each fall, and applications are accepted in the spring.

In the automn 2024 SCA will have eight young people at our operations within sourcing and logistics, forest and resarch at R&D Centre.

"At SCA there are many exciting professions and a lot of younger people are interested in sustainability issues and there the forest has many exciting areas. Of course, we also want them to thrive and be attracted to apply for higher technical education after their time with us," says Malin Westrin who coordinateas the Technology Leap at SCA.

The participants in the Technology Leap at SCA.

Participants in the Technology Leap at SCA 2023.

The Technology Leap is administered by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, ensuring a well-structured and enriching experience in the field of technology.

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