SCA showcased wood products at innovation day in Brussels

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SCA is one of the member companies in the research platform Treesearch. In this role, SCA R&D Centre represented our company at “Bioeconomy Innovation Day - Advancing Resource Efficiency and Value Creation in Europe”.

The day was focusing on innovation strategy in the bioeconomy sector, and  took place in Brussels in November.

“The event was hosted by Treesearch in collaboration with their closest counterparts in Finland, the Netherlands and Belgium. The aim was primarily to give a better understanding of innovations within the bioeconomy sector to invited officials and decision makers within the EU. The Swedish organizers, aimed at showing products that are actually on the market already,” says Jerker Jäder, Research director at SCA.

During the day, the participants highlighted important strategic questions and examples relating to innovation in the bioeconomy. Alongside that, participating companies and organizations were able to show examples from their innovation work.

“We took this seriously from SCA side and we chose, as the only exhibitor, to present sawn wood products. There was a great interest in Wood's products, SCA Lynx, SCA Ursus and SCA Martes. This was, perhaps, due to the products already being on the market, in contrast to most of the other products that were shown,” Jerker Jäder continues.

“The three SCA products exemplify how innovation often is a powerful combination of product development and high-class use of process technology. Most of the other products were prototypes or first launches from start-up companies. It felt satisfying that we, as a large forest industry company, could show palpable examples of product innovation,” says Jerker Jäder.

Product image, SCA Martes. Photo: FMCA

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