SCA delivered 102.9 million seedlings in 2023

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2023 was another year with substantial seedling deliveries from SCA’s seedling operation NorrPlant. During the year, 102.9 million seedlings were delivered, which is almost five million more seedlings compared with 2022. “Our seedlings are of excellent quality and there is a high level of external demand. We now deliver seedlings to almost all of Sweden,” says Thomas Vestman, Head of NorrPlant.

Work at SCA’s Bogrundet and Wiftstamon nurseries has progressed well during the year.

“We grew 111 million seedlings and of these delivered 102.9 million in 2023, of which approximately 60% to external customers and the rest to SCA’s own forests in Sweden and the Baltic region,” says Thomas.

Pine seedlings

Mostly pine seedlings

Most of the 102.9 million seedlings delivered were pine seedlings and about one third were spruce seedlings. NorrPlant also delivered a small percentage of contorta pine seedlings and about one million larch seedlings.

“Pine dominates land owned by SCA. Deliveries of pine seedlings are also increasing to our external customers,” says Thomas.

Strong demand for frozen seedlings

Many customers are keen to purchase SCA’s frozen seedlings that are delivered in corrugated board boxes and in 2023 stocks ran out early in the season.

“For 2023, we had 3.4 million frozen seedlings and these quickly sold out. For 2024, we can offer even more frozen seedlings. Many customers appreciate that the seedlings are transported in corrugated board boxes as this makes handling easy,” says Thomas, and continues:

“The frozen seedlings can either be purchased through your timber purchaser or in our online plant store, SCA Plantor. Here, forest owners can conveniently order the seedlings they want, suited to their land. We offer frozen seedlings until midsummer, after which seedlings are sold in our ordinary trays.

Testing new growing techniques

NorrPlant strives for continuous development in order to offer the best quality seedlings. At the end of 2023, it invested in a small growing chamber to use in a pilot project at Bogrundet, which is the largest tree nursery in the world.

“The growing chamber has been developed for test purposes and has a range of features. Our aim is to investigate the potential of alternative growing techniques for the seedlings of the future. We are looking forward to making a start,” says Thomas.

Photo: Michael Engman