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  1. Interim Report Q1 2016
    Press release2016-04-28
  2. The press conference held in connection with the publication of SCA’s interim report for the second quarter of 2016 will also be available via webcast and it is possible to join by phone.
  3. A new report from WWF International highlights SCA as a good example within sustainable sourcing and sustainability information. According to the report, unlike SCA, the vast majority of leading consumer goods companies and retailers have not taken “meaningful” actions to source sustainably produced commodities.

  4. Incontinence products are essential for quality everyday life for millions of people. This was acknowledged by the World Health Organization (WHO) at the end of May when the UN body included them, alongside wheelchairs and hearing aids, as one of 50 products on the Priority Assistive Products List (APL).

  5. The millennials, people born early 1980s to around 2000, will soon make up half the world’s workforce. What are they like as employees and consumers? The new edition of Shape introduces you to this connected generation.

  6. SCA and Vinda - one of China’s largest hygiene companies - met Swedish and Chinese Ministers of Health in Stockholm recently at the tenth anniversary of a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, in health care between the two countries. The agenda included an ongoing pilot project in the city of Shijiazhuang, where SCA and Vinda contribute with incontinence expertise.

  7. Productos Familia S.A., Colombia
    Press release2016-05-27

    Productos Familia S.A., Colombia, of which SCA owns 50% of the shares, has been found guilty in an anti-trust inquiry related to tissue products conducted by the Colombian competition authority. The inquiry, which targeted Familia and four other companies in the market, pertains to activities that took place up until 2013. Familia will be fined approximately SEK 170m.

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