1. The press conference held in connection with the publication of SCA’s interim report for the first quarter of 2015 will also be available via webcast and it is possible to join by phone.

  2. The Colombian competition authority is conducting an anti-trust inquiry that includes the company Productos Familia S.A. The company is listed on the Colombian Stock Exchange. SCA owns 50% of Productos Familia S.A.

  3. Interest was high for SCA’s and the UN body WSSCC's joint seminar at United Nations’ headquarters in New York. How the taboo surrounding menstruation affect women's role in society and how private public partnerships can make a difference was discussed.

  4. SCA has developed an application to promote sophisticated value adding logistics services such as vendor-managed inventory, pooling, truck and pallet optimization. This innovative approach provides SCA with a competitive advantage and clearly shows that we are a leading and innovative company.

  5. Announcement from SCA's Chairman
    Press release2015-05-04
  6. Interim Report Q1 2015
    Press release2015-04-30
  7. Announcement from SCA's Chairman
    Press release2015-04-27
  8. Underwear has globally grown to become one of the most important segments of the incontinence category. This gives TENA a huge business opportunity in a new territory for the consumer, and TENA in Mexico recently launched TENA Discret; a more attractive option for consumers with an active life. The digital campaign is already a viral success with over 1.3 million views on Facebook in only one month! 

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