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  1. The press conference held in connection with the publication of SCA’s Year-end report for 2015 will also be available via webcast and it is possible to join by phone.

  2. Conversion of shares
    Press release2016-04-29
  3. Interim Report Q1 2016
    Press release2016-04-28
  4. After having reached several of its sustainability targets, such as the ones for water usage and employee health & safety, SCA has introduced new and ambitious targets. These are set for Fiber Sourcing, Employee Health & Safety, and Water.

  5. SCA´s Annual General Meeting 2016
    Press release2016-04-14

    Today´s Annual General Meeting of SCA was held at the Aula Magna in Stockholm, Sweden.

  6. Today, April 14, 2016, SVT (the Swedish public service broadcaster) published an article regarding an internal transaction carried out 12 years ago, in 2004. SCA complies with Swedish legislation.

  7. Watch President and CEO Magnus Groth’s speech live broadcast from the AGM at approx. 15:20.

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