1. SCAs Interim Report Q3 2014
    Press release2014-10-29
  2. SCA and the local Seine-Normandy Water Agency have together carried out a major environmental restoration of the wetland area around SCAs personal care and tissue plant in Hondouville, France. The work reduces the risk of pollution and secures the future of the industrial activities alongside the Iton river and is an excellent example of long-term, sustainable industrial development.

  3. Conversion of shares
    Press release2014-11-28

    According to SCA’s articles of association, owners of Class A shares have the right to have such shares converted to Class B shares. Conversion reduces the total number of votes in the company. When such a conversion has occurred, the company is obligated by law to disclose any such changes in this manner.

  4. The problem with the lack of disposal facilities for used pads is no more. With the launch of the Roll.Press.Go™ feminine care product SCA is offering a unique, highly relevant and innovative sanitary pad disposal solution.

  5. 30 girls from the Cape Town townships Khayelitsha and Gugulethu participated in a training session organized by SCA and WSSCC on menstrual hygiene management Sunday November 16. The girls also got the chance to meet with Team SCA members Sally Barkow and Sara Hastreiter who talked about how they had worked hard to achieve their dreams

  6. SCA, leading global hygiene and forest products company, and the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC), the only United Nations body devoted solely to the sanitation and hygiene needs of vulnerable and marginalized people, have today entered into an innovative new partnership to break the silence around menstruation for women and girls around the world. SCA and WSSCC will jointly work to educate on menstrual issues and the importance of good hygiene.

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