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  1. SCA Interim Report Q3 2016
    Press release2016-10-27

    The interim report for the period January 1- September 30, 2016.

  2. The press conference held in connection with the publication of SCA’s Year-end report for 2016 will also be available via webcast and it is possible to join by phone.

  3. The fourth edition of Shape is focused on menstruation and how more knowledge about the hormone cycle might change the world of sports. Also, research about PMS, the recipe for longer life, dogs that find spruce bark beetles and how SCAs report "Hygiene Matters" was released at the UN in New York. This and much more...

  4. As previously communicated by SCA, the company has been part of an investigation by the Polish Anti-Trust Authority. The authority has now issued its decision and imposed a fine of approximately EUR 700k.

  5. SCA Pushing Boundaries

    When Team SCA participated in Volvo Ocean Race, the mantra for the race was “Women pushing boundaries”. This was not just a slogan, it reflected SCA’s long term objective to empower women to participate fully in society - socially, educationally and professionally.

  6. The Lyreco Group, the third largest global distributor of workplace solutions, presents a yearly award to suppliers who have sustainability and social responsibility at the heart of their strategy. This year SCA won the award.

  7. SCA has decided to discontinue its hygiene business in India. Four years after entering the Indian market, our conclusion is that profitability cannot be achieved within a reasonable timeframe. SCA prioritizes growth in selected emerging markets such as China, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Russia, where the company already holds strong market positions. Emerging markets accounted for 32% of SCA’s net sales in 2015.

  8. SCA has donated 150,000 Euro to UNHCR, the refugee organization of the United Nations, helping those fleeing from war and oppression. We are far from a peaceful Earth, but we hope this gift will bring some help and hope this winter.

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