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  1. Your thrown-away paper hand towels from the office washroom are a resource. SCA tries out a new service that collects customers’ used paper towels and recycles them locally into new tissue products.

  2. I have today (April 11, 2017) been questioned by prosecutor Alf Johansson regarding suspicions of receiving bribes. These suspicions are, in my opinion, groundless. 

  3. The first edition of Shape for 2017 is out, focused on sustainability, urbanization and digitalization. Also included: a man with a circular mission, how to get an appointment with a digital doctor and hot and steamy in your middle age. This and much more!

  4. The iconic status of the Lotus brand is a true success story: it is the market leader of all its product categories in France, and at least one Lotus product can be found in 50% of French homes. This is something SCA clearly wants to leverage on, and – in line with our strategy to ‘Innovate bigger brands’ – we are now adding a full-range of baby products to the Lotus brand family. 

  5. On March 21, 2017, SCA won an important victory before the United States Supreme Court in its seven-year patent infringement case against First Quality Products, Inc.

  6. March 8 is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate the achievements and important role women play in making the world a better place. This year’s theme is “Be Bold for Change” and SCA has helped champion the cause, reaching out to stakeholders across the globe

  7. In response to the report published today by Greenpeace regarding the protection of forests in the Archangelsk region in northwestern Russia, SCA wishes to outline its work to promote sustainable forestry.

  8. SCA will substantially raise the bar for climate work by committing to develop a science-based target for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The proposed target will be developed over the course of the year and submitted to approval organizations.

  9. In place since 2004, the Code of Conduct is the framework that helps us translate our values into actions. Efforts to promote sound business practices, good working conditions and well-being all originate from the Code, but this is not where they end. Now we’re taking further steps and formalizing the compliance department by assigning a new Vice President for Compliance and Ethics.

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