Our story

Our unique asset is only a few millimeters long, a fraction of a millimeter wide and, if managed responsibly, will last forever – wood fiber.

As Europe's largest private forest owner with more than two million hectares of forest, we feel an enormous sense of responsibility toward people and nature. The trees we plant will grow for nearly a century before they are harvested. A long-term approach and sustainable profitability are not simply part of our business strategy, they are part of our soul. We manage our forests in a way that ensures they will remain as rich in biodiversity, nature experiences and, naturally, wood in the future as they are today.

Every part of the tree is used – not only the trees from our own forests but also those we purchase from other forest owners. The residue from one product is used as raw material for another. Financial arteries extend from our production facilities, stretching out to our customers across the globe.

If eight billion people are to share our earth, finite resources must be replaced by renewable ones. Our innovation agenda, and our role as a forest company, could have a truly transformative and revolutionary impact on the future.

Perhaps our roots in northern Sweden have influenced our approach to identifying the solutions of tomorrow. Diligently, determinedly and methodically, we always look for the little details that can make a big difference. We have created a leading forest industry ecosystem with products and services that make our customers even more valued in the eyes of their own customers.

And all of this is thanks to the shared dedication of all our employees. Together, we are following our conviction that the forest will play a valuable role in creating a sustainable future for all of us. When the forest grows, we grow.