SCA Logistics provides extensive marine services and land transport within Europe and to overseas destinations. The business is supported by a network of terminals at strategic locations in Europe.

Our terminals provide the following services:

  • Intermodal services
  • Cargo handling
  • Container handling
  • Warehousing
  • Forwarding
  • Ships agency
  • Administration


Sheerness – strategic location for UK and European distribution

SCA Logistics Ltd (SLL) is based in Sheerness on the estuary of the river Thames 35 miles from London. With excellent access to road and rail links, Tilbury is the port of choice for onward distribution throughout the UK and France.

SLL relocated its terminal operations during 2015 after a long history of managing the paper handling operations in Tilbury. The result of a strategic review within the group of SCA Logistics companies, Sheerness is able to offer first class cargo handling services as well as unrestricted berth access to minimise port time.

Through our partnership agreement with Peel Ports, we are able to handle in excess of 300,000 tonnes of cargo annually using around 350,000 sq ft of covered warehousing.

Goods can be handled either ex road or vessel and can be stored for onward distribution, mainly by road. Peel's modern fleet of clamp and fork lift trucks, tugmasters and translifter trailers is supported by Briggs Engineering to ensure optimal fleet deployment at all times. Sheerness offers 850 meters of riverside quay with a maintained dredged depth of between 9 meters and 12.2 meters.

Our dedicated workforce is highly skilled in the handling of all products. Our reputation is earned from providing handling and storage – as well as distribution services to exporters of products from Scandinavia and North America into the UK and European market. We are well respected for our expertise in handling forest products, in particular fragile paper reels.

Modern bar code scanning, bespoke stock administration software and strong EDI links ensure that SLL is able to competently respond to our customer's demand for quality management information and 100% stock accountability at all times.

SLL also has facilities in Dublin and Hull; offers UK forwarding services through its network of transport companies and offers shipping services to Northern Sweden and the European Continent.

SLL holds ISO9001 and 14001 accreditation.

Services Equipment
Warehousing All tide RoRo ramp
Stevedoring Forklifts
Forwarding Reachstackers
Customs clearance Tug masters, mafis and translifters


The new SCA Logistics' Kiel terminal was inaugurated on November 11, 2016. The terminal is conveniently situated near the Kiel Canal and the southern end of the Baltic Sea. This makes the location an excellent entry point to the European hinterland.

This modern intermodal terminal is designed to handle all types of vessels and cargos. We offer daily departures to the European intermodal network and have direct rail connections to southern Europe. In addition to forest products, we are able to handle general cargo and project cargo by sea, road and rail.

Services Equipment
Stevedoring All tide RoRo ramp
 Forwarding  Mobile cranes
 Customs clearance  Reachstackers
 Ship's agency  Tug masters and translifters

Ship's Agency

  • Our Shipping Agency's services are included but are not limited to the following:
  • Port clearance at Kiel Canal and all Regional Ports
  • Arranging pilots, tugs and mooring
  • Reporting dangerous goods to authorities
  • Reporting to National Single Window as per Directive 2010/65/EU
  • Organizing crew changes (including visa handling)
  • Arranging for necessary provisions and bonded stores
  • Arranging for the necessary repairs
  • Providing medical support

Warehousing / Terminal Services

  • Loading/unloading
  • 49.000 qm storage capacity
  • Container depot, stuffing and stripping
  • 40/140 ton cranes
  • 1000 m rail track
  • Stevedoring

Transport + Logistics Services

  • Road transport (LTL, FTL)
  • Rail transport
  • Intermodal transport
  • Container transport
  • Customs clearance

Terms and Conditions

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The terminal, which opened in July 1967, is built to handle all types of cargo, from RoRo vessels, containers and open hatch to specialised vessels.

Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe, with the highest number of container departures. Our terminal is centrally located in the port, and loading and unloading all types of vessels in our docking facilities is fast and effective.

To and from Rotterdam we freight goods all over the world by container or ship, or forward them across Europe by lorry, barge or train. We handle all types of forest products and general cargo that are shipped to and from North America, Asia and Scandinavia.

We also handle large volumes of cargo that are shipped via container traffic all over the world, and forward large quantities of other goods to Central and Northern Sweden.

Services Equipment
Warehousing All tide RoRo ramp
Stevedoring Gantry cranes with 65 ton capacity
 Forwarding Mobile crane
 Customs clearance Forklifts with 2–42 ton capacity
Ship's agency Reachstackers
  Tug masters and translifters
  Terminal trailers


The Terminal is well situated at the Prins Willem Alexanderhaven in the central part of the port of Rotterdam, the largest port in the world and the gateway to and from Europe. Excellent access to and from the North Sea without locks, bridges or tidal restrictions and supported by the most advanced technical port equipment, navigation to the Terminal is easy, reliable, fast and efficient. We also have excellent facilities for transportation by rail and road.


Our Sundsvall Terminal and the SCA Logistics head office are situated just outside Sundsvall on the beautiful east coast of central Sweden. The terminal was established in 1967.

The Sundsvall terminal is situated just outside of central Sundsvall, and is also the site of our head office. We transport paper pulp, paper and wood products from Sundsvall, mainly from the SCA group.

We also handle incoming volumes and large quantities of other goods for transport to industries in Sundsvall and surrounding regions. Two thirds of the goods we handle are freighted around the world by sea. Other goods are forwarded to customers via road and rail.

The terminal is strategically located with open sea just around the corner, and calling at the port is fast and effective. Close proximity to major road networks heading north, south and west plus the railway network simplifies the logistics process.

Services Equipment
Warehousing Two all tide RoRo ramps
Stevedoring with our partner, Sundsvalls Hamn Mobile cranes
Forwarding Container cranes
Customs clearance Forklifts
Ship's agency Reachstacker
  Tug masters and translifter


The terminal, situated just outside Umeå, has been in operation since 1965 and now handles a total of 1.4 million tons of cargo annually.

Terminal Umeå is a year-round port situated at the most expansive part of northern Sweden and is known for its high quality and a prominent customer focus with a high service level.

Port of Umeå is Sweden's northern-most container hub and has the largest number of calls of all ports in northern Sweden. The regular services are increasing and are now handling general cargo to and from Continental Europe, Finland and the rest of the world.

The port is strategically placed at the natural shortest route across the northern Gulf of Bothnia. Geography gives us a naturally protected harbor with unique conditions during the winter period. Although we are far north, the location at the narrowest part of the northern Gulf of Bothnia and with most northerly winds, SCA Logistics Umeå is one of the best ports of winter navigation.

RoRo ferries run daily from the port to Vasa in Finland. They also use SCA Logistics casette system for various cargos.

Services Equipment
Stevedoring All tide RoRo ramps
Forwarding Shore cranes
Customs clearance Forklifts
Ship's agency Reachstackers
Warehousing Tug masters and translifters
Workshop Container cranes
  Slide loader

Associated terminals

Our associated terminals complement our five main terminals, and they fill an important role in our network. Together with our local partners we guarantee the same high quality of service and customer offerings at each terminal.


Our terminal in Dublin is situated at Alexandra Quay East.

The length of the berth is 360 m and the depth is at L.A.T. 9.8-10.2 m. SCA Logistics is occupying shed number 20 with a capacity of 20,000 sqm.

The main products handled are kraftliner from the Obbola and Munksund mills. The operation of the terminal is run by R.A. Burke Ltd and reports to SCA Logistics London Ltd in the UK.


Our terminal in Portugal is situated in Lisbon.

Today, the terminal handles about 20,000 tons of newspaper and coated paper per year. All cargo to Portugal has lately been shifted from break bulk to 45ft containers. We have weekly service to Lisbon thanks to our container feeder service.

Lisbon Terminal is using a modern IT-system, which is fully compatible with the IT-system of all our other operating units. Also, the IT-system allows for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with the hauliers, our customers as well as with our other operating units.

The operation of the terminal is run by Sodiap and reports to Interforest Terminal Sundsvall in Sweden.


LivornoMarchi Terminal s.r.l. is a company of the Fanfani Group, active in the Shipping business since 1877.

Marchi Terminal was founded in the early seventies and from that time act as Terminal Operators in the Port of Livorno, offering a complete range of services for all kind of ships and cargoes. The development strategies of the Fanfani Group have recently oriented Marchi Terminal toward a high specialization in the handling of forest products, rapidly achieving operative, quality and commercial standards that make Marchi one of the leading Terminal Operators of the Tirrenien Sea.

Our commitment is to guarantee the best possible service to clients offering experience and professionalism grown in more than 120 years of presence in the Shipping business, ready to meet any specific need and innovation. We are small enough to be personal, yet big enough to offer maximum competitiveness.


The Skövde Terminal is our operating unit located furthest to the south in Sweden.

The indoor capacity of the terminal is about 8,500 sqm and trucks and train wagons are loaded inside the warehouse. The operation of the terminal is run with all the necessary equipment for modern forest products handling. In addition, the equipment allows for other types of modern cargo handling as well.

Skövde Terminal handles approximately 150,000 tons of kraftliner, 160,000 tons of recovered paper and 30,000 cbm of sawn timber per year. These volumes are parts of a block train system, which arrives and departs six days a week. Kraftliner is transported to Skövde from the SCA mills in Munksund and Holmsund for redistribution to customers in southern Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

The customers are offered deliveries from Skövde within 24 hours and delivery times are co-ordinated according to their own requests. Recovered paper is transported from Skövde back to the kraftliner mills in the north.

Skövde Terminal is using a modern IT-system, which is fully compatible with the IT-system of all our other operating units. Also, the IT-system allows for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with the hauliers, our customers as well as with our other operating units.

The operation of the terminal is run by Olssons Åkeri AB.


The operation of the terminal in Vaasa began in 1 January, 2000. Today, the terminal handles about 70,000 tons of liner. However, other types of cargo handling can be undertaken as well.

The liner is delivered by vessel from Umeå, where it is loaded and secured on cassettes. In Vaasa, the unloaded cargo is stored inside a newly built 4,000 sqm warehouse.

The distribution of the liner is carried out by trucks, which are loaded inside the warehouse. A trucking system exists, in which pre-set delivery times have been co-ordinated in an efficient manner according to customer preferences. Also, the terminal has a railway connection, which allows for deliveries by rail wagons.

Vaasa Terminal is using a modern IT-system, which is fully compatible with the IT-system of all our other operating units. Also, the IT-system allows for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with the hauliers, our customers, as well as with our other operating units.

The operation of the terminal is run by Backman Trummer and reports to SCA Logistics Sundsvall in Sweden.