• A journey through time in Wiborghslund!

    Wiborghslund is now open. The park that tells the story of Bollstabruk and at the same time invites you to a moment of relaxation.

  • The new freight terminal gives Rundvik's sawmill new opportunities

    Early in the morning of 23 June, the first freight train arrived to the new freight terminal in Rundvik, Sweden. The first train contained nine train carriages fully loaded with logs for SCA's sawmill in Rundvik.

  • Jerry Larsson appointed new chairman of Swedish Woods board

    Jerry Larsson, President Wood, has been appointed Chairman of the industry organization Swedish Woods board. Jerry Larsson will assume the chairmanship in June 2021.

  • Peter Stormare about his love for nature in the new issue of SCA Wood Magazine

    The theme of the new issue of SCA Wood Magazine is wood and its place in culture. You will get to know more about Peter Stormare and his love for nature as well as the similarities between northern Sweden and Hollywood.

  • The Grading mill in Bollsta is taking shape

    The work on the new Grading Mill in Bollsta is in full swing. There is a lot of activity going on. Reinforcement of the slab i carried out as well as safety procedures for roof safety and installation of the façade.

  • A container full of timber for Christmas - One year later

    Last year, SCA gave a Christmas gift to Children's Home's school building project in Ghana. The Christmas gift consisted of a whole container of solid-wood products. We return to Ghana to see how the Swedish spruce has been used.

  • The new grading mill is taking shape​

    Right now, the base of the new grading mill i being built. At the same time, preparations are being made for piling and other tasks to be able to complete the rest of the building.

  • New issue of SCA Wood Magazine focuses on innovation

    Innovation is the theme of the new issue of SCA Wood Magazine. Among other things, you can read about the time machine of the wood industry and Héléne Barnekow, CEO of Microsoft Sweden, and her passion for innovation.

  • Commitment that builds a better world

    SCA cultivates a strong social commitment. The desire to develop has deep local roots but also branches out into global projects driven by our highly motivated and empathic employees. A load of timber that recently arrived in Ghana lays the foundations for both sustainable construction and increased gender equality.

  • I want to build more in wood!

    The Wingårdhs architectural practice has created many of Scandinavia’s most expressive buildings. Its founder, Gert Wingårdh, is motivated by designing buildings that touch people’s lives, something that he has consistently succeeded in over the past 40 years. The practice is now putting a pioneering foot forward in contributing to sustainable construction without compromising on artistic ambition. “We propose wood as the first choice in all of our projects. This is the very best way for us to actively influence carbon dioxide emissions,” explains Gert Wingårdh.