Heart pine is a sustainable product which, owing to its natural wood preservation, does not require any treatment. This is a product that is being seen more and more in people’s homes and is arousing interest among architects around Sweden.

There is a growing interest in using wood and heartwood pine both in construction and interior decoration, and Swedish Wood’s report on the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair confirms this trend. At the fair, many well-known designers were heard discussing their reasons for choosing to work with pine. Several of them felt that pine was easy to stain, shape and showcase while retaining its natural feel.

Heartwood pine comes from forests in the Norrland region of Sweden. SCA manufactures its heartwood pine decking from slow-grown pine that is 80–100 years old. The timber comes from the innermost and hardest section of pine logs and consists of at least 99 percent heartwood. Heartwood pine has a long lifespan, doesn’t need to be treated or oiled, and acquires an attractive silvery grey hue over time.

“This is a Swedish locally produced product that is completely untreated. It is naturally resistant to rot and lasts for many, many years. It just improves with age – the wood starts to turn grey after only a few months and eventually turns completely silver,” explains Arne Carlström, Quality Control Manager at SCA Wood Scandinavia.

Norra Tornen in Stockholm, which is owned by Oscar Properties, is a place where heart pine was chosen for use in its construction. The light at Norra Tornen, as well as the feeling of being outdoors, is an essential part of the architecture and the solutions provided. The heartwood pine used in the balconies contrasts beautifully with the intensity of the city that spreads out below.

The product’s main advantages are its eco-friendliness and its attractive appearance. It is a pure product with a long lifespan that has a real future ahead of it. Heartwood pine decking is a smart choice for people wanting to spend time enjoying their veranda rather than maintaining it.

Facts – heartwood pine

Heartwood pine decking consists of a minimum of 99 percent heartwood from pine. Heartwood starts to form in the middle of the trunk when the trees are around 30–40 years old. The sapwood then starts to be converted to heartwood furthest in, in the part of the trunk that no longer transports water from the roots to the crown. The task of the heartwood is to give the tree stability instead. The heartwood contains fats and resins to protect the wood. The heartwood of pine trees develops a natural substance called pinosylvin, which inhibits fungal growth.

Text: Vanessa Pihlström

Published 6/25/2019