SCA Wood is continually working on increasing its understanding of customer needs for new innovations and strengthening its market position.

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Anders Petersson, Innovation Manager at SCA Wood, Amy Sellers, Marketing Manager, Building & Supply Solutions UK, and Magnus Viström, SCA's Innovation Manager, were involved in SCA Wood’s latest Innovation Race.

Organising and participating in an ‘Innovation Race’ in cooperation with the R&D Centre in Sundsvall, Sweden, is a way of finding competitive products. In January, SCA Wood held an Innovation Race organised by Magnus Viström, Innovation Manager at SCA, and Anders Petersson, Innovation Manager at SCA Wood.

Around 20 people took part in the event. These included employees from SCA Wood’s different units in Sweden, France and the UK, as well as customers and cooperation partners. This ensured the Innovation Race represented a wide range of capabilities and significant know-how.

An Innovation Race challenges participants to think how SCA’s solid-wood products could be developed based on the market and customer needs. Participants are guided through the ‘race’ methodology and the final involves the presentation of a few selected ideas that are considered to be of most interest.

This particular Innovation Race included both product development proposals and lots of opportunities for greater emphasis on sustainability, as well as enhanced sales and marketing.

“These Innovation Races are always full of energy and generate lots of ideas to take forward. We’ve held a number of Races for SCA Wood over the years and these have led to several ideas being implemented,” said Anders Petersson, Innovation Manager at SCA Wood.

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An Innovation Race is a results-oriented tool for helping to develop new competitive products. The participants bring different skills and experience, providing a good basis for new ideas.

Published 4/26/2019