This week, several newspapers in Sweden have reported that Munksund's sawmill has been working actively to bring more women into the business. This year, 50 percent of the vacation employees are women.

Prior to the summer period, Munksund's sawmill had set a goal that half of all vacation employees should be women. A goal that they reached.

Efforts have been made to bring more women into the business.

"There are three major arguments for an equal workplace. It is that we are more likely to adapt to changes, that we get a higher profitability and that we are working safer", says Lars Bogren, sawmill manager to the newspaper Piteå-Tidningen.

He points out, that although the goal for the summer has been reached; recruitment of women needs to be improved even more. To get more female employees one of the things that has changed is how we write the job listings.

"Earlier we often focused on things like being interested in technology, people who like working in the industry and so on. Now, we have focused on being a team player, working together to solve problems and being careful", says Lars Bogren.

The majority of those seeking a summer job have been 25 years and younger and some have resigned from their permanent employment to work at the sawmill during the summer. One of them is Amanda Isaksson, 22 years old. She has been working on the sawmill since the end of April. She resigned from an employment at a store to be able to work at the sawmill instead.

"I wanted to try something else. This job is not so varied but the atmosphere is good and you can work independently, take your own initiatives and solve problems. I like that", says Amanda Isaksson to the newspaper Piteå-Tidningen.

Lars Bogren wants the number of female employees to grow rapidly, but realizes that change takes time.

"Of the 119 employees at the sawmill, 19 percent are women. I'm glad we reached our goal this summer, but we need to increase the pace to get more women into our business", he says.

Published 8/16/2018