With more than 11,000 visitors this year, the Carrefour International du Bois 2018 (Nantes, France) has once again brought together participants from the wood industry from all over the world. Nowhere else in Europe you can find a tradeshow that focuses as much on wood material and its derivatives. SCA did of course participate as well.

SCA at CIB 2018

"Commitment to sustainable construction" was the theme of this 2018 edition of the tradeshow. At SCA we have been focusing on sustainability for a long time. We are convinced that we can inspire more people to choose wood and wood products through sustainable forest management, a safe and efficient industry and products designed with respect for the environment.

Carrefour du Bois was the perfect opportunity to highlight our expertise within this area and on our integrated value chain by launching the sustainable product "Heartwood" to the French market. It´s a new range of products with 99 percent heartwood and 100 percent SCA.

Already existing on the Swedish market, Heartwood is a popular product. It will soon be available as decking (curved profile) and cladding (S profile) in the SCA Timber France outdoor landscaping range.

The timber has at least 99 percent heartwood and comes from the innermost and hardest parts of the pine trunks. Our heartwood products are made from 80-100 year old pine trees from the Norrland forests in the far north of Sweden. Heartwood products are, not only, weather resistant, they also have a long life. They do not require any treatment or staining. The wood also develops an attractive silvery grey color over time.

More information about the Heartwood range (pdf, new window)

CIB 2018

SCA stand at CIB 2018

Published 6/18/2018