In June it is the premiere of ARKNAT – a two week long festival that merges architecture and nature in the middle of the World Heritage High Coast. "We want to inspire more people to use wood products because it's good for the environment, and therefore we contribute with locally produced wood to the festival," says Katarina Levin at SCA Timber.

More and more seek out in nature to find balance, relaxation and adventure. This is the case also for the High Coast who sees an increasing number of visitors. The high coast has in recent years become a meeting place for outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world. In order to create more inviting environments while challenging our way of looking at architecture, ARKNAT is now launching a two-week architectural festival in FriluftsByn in the middle of the World Heritage Highlands. The festival is a collaboration between Sweco Architects, FriluftsByn, World Class Örnsköldsvik, High Coast Destination Development, SCA Timber and Bosch Tools.

Architectural wood constructions

During the premiere year, ARKNAT invites 15 students from Scandinavia's leading architectural schools. Together, students over two weeks will sketch and build creations in wood – the first year, mainly interpretations of wind protection. Architects and supervisors will assist the students and during the evenings there will be seminars and workshops that are also open to the public.

"Architecture plays a role, even in nature. Thoughtful design and function, designed around a unique environment, creates a combination of architecture and nature that I promise will be tangible and probably felt throughout the body," says Martin Björklund, engineer at Sweco Architects.

The building material comes from the area

The fact that the constructions will be made of wood is something that has created greater interest, not least from the forest companies in the region.

"We want to inspire more people to use wood products because it's good for the environment. Therefore, it was obvious to us to contribute with locally produced wood to the festival and we are looking forward to see what the students can create," says Katarina Levin at SCA Timber.

New visits on the High Coast

The wooden constructions will be located at the far end of the High Coast and its avenue and used by visitors all year round. During 2017, the buildings will be located at Köpmanholmen Havsbad, Kulberget a bit from the high coast bridge and at Södra Bergsstigen at Skuleberget.

"We have a fantastic nature here on the High Coast, and the aim is that these structures will enhance the experience of staying at these places," concludes Jerry Engström at FriluftsByn.

For more information visit ARKNAT website