Continuing development is essential in a competitive, profitable business, as well as being key to gaining the best business value from the timber products you sell.

Staff training and development is key to the success of a profitable business. We all need the 'right tools for the job'. By giving staff the right knowledge to be able to assist and advise customers, you can add value to the timber products you sell in a number of ways. Expert advice also builds trust and leads to repeat business. We run fast-track product knowledge course for all our customers, with a recognised qualification.

SCA Timber Supply Timber Specialist Course

Taking five days, one day per month, our course helps to develop:

  • Timber knowledge
  • Cross-Selling
  • Customer query resolution
  • Confident sales staff

The course is run with BTEC certification, cumulating in the BTEC Foundation Award in Timber Studies, level 1. Each module finishes with a test, and the course ends with the BTEC examination. The one-day modules cover:

1. Induction and carcassing timber
2. Joinery timber
3. Hardwoods
4. Panel products
5. Engineered products, Timber in building and BTEC examination