Our core values reflect the company’s history, and the Group has evolved around them. They define the way we do business and the way to behave.

Our core values: Respect, Excellence and Responsibility, inspire and challenge our employees in their efforts to create a successful company – financially, socially and environmentally.

At SCA Timber Supply UK these values are fundamental to the way we conduct our everyday business through:

  • Personal integrity in all our contact
  • Excellence in service
  • Ethical and environmental responsibility in the work we undertake

Gender pay gap report 2017

We are extremely pleased to report that we have a very small gender pay gap actually in favour of our female workforce over their male colleagues. It is important for us to focus on where we can improve, in particular with regards to the low percentage of women working within our Company. Please see our report for more details.

Gender Pay Gap Report 2017 – SCA Timber Supply