Our image tonality has its roots in the ecosystem that has evolved in a symbiosis between the forest and our industry. People, the forest and our industry are our three rootstocks. Our image tonality aims to strengthen our identity and brand and is, therefore, strongly linked to our purpose, core values and company story. We express ourselves in an honest manner, with a documentary tone. We are proud of who we are, where we come from and what we deliver.

Gender equality, diversity and safety are three key ­elements that should be reflected in our images. Try to portray a diversity in terms of ethnicity, gender and age. The proper safety equipment, including ­protective ­helmets and reflective clothing, should always be shown, because all units must be able to use, and be represented by, the images, including those with mandatory helmet requirements.

Remember! Images purchased from a photographer must always include a byline and, under GDPR, you must obtain consent before distributing any photos you have taken of people in various channels.