We follow a philosophy of clarity and simplicity when designing for the web. Showing one object at a time through our design helps the visitor zero in on the information.



An example of how “one thing at a time” works for scrolling: There are always blocks nearby, but the block in the middle where the focus is takes up the majority of the space.

This is an advanced link list block that also shows the “one thing at a time principle”. The block has a heading that goes with the text on the right, and they form a whole when taken together. This block is used to group a large amount of information under the same heading.

Design philosophy tips

Try to avoid using a horizontal arrangement of multiple blocks, because:

  1. It looks cluttered.
  2. It’s difficult to adapt background colors.
  3. The multiple squares make it difficult for the user to absorb the information.

Try to adjust the blocks that are currently set to be displayed at half-width.