Color scheme

Since the footer is SCA Green (G3) and all pages have this footer, we do not need this color in the content part of the page.

It’s important for the different blocks to differ visually in order to distinguish them. Therefore blocks located side by side should always have different colors. On area pages, we try to create harmony among the various colors in the SCA palette, without having too much or too little of any color. Try to mix the light and dark colors so that some pages don’t look pale while others seem intensely colored.

It’s also important to remember to alternate blocks with background images with blocks that have a solid background color. If multiple blocks containing background images are published in a row, the page will seem cluttered.

Color scheme tip

When we use the same background color for blocks, this makes the blocks run together, making it difficult for the user to pick out information.

Try to set blocks’ background color to a color that differs from the neighboring block.