Area page

The role of the area page is to collect brief, relevant information about a few select areas that then links to additional information.

Area pages are constructed using numerous images, strong concise headings and brief pieces of body text in order to provide a quick overview of some of the most important subpages. Area pages are built up from blocks and text, in order to create informative and click-friendly functionality. If an area page has only a small number of underlying standard pages, or none at all, of course it can be designed more like a standard page.

Area pages are used to display all of SCA’s product areas.


The role of standard pages is to serve more in-depth information with longer, detailed written pieces in a harmonious manner for the sake of readability.

Standard pages are primarily constructed using the text editor. If a piece of text should be differentiated or otherwise stand out, a small number of well-chosen blocks can be used to break up the text column. The benchmark for using blocks on a standard page is zero to two blocks, depending on the amount of text on the page.