We have developed principles for digital development. They are based on our overall design guidelines, and our website and My SCA customer portal are examples, but the principles apply to all digital development. They are intended to create uniformity of design, strengthen the SCA brand and create recognition in digital channels. Users must feel that they are using SCA’s services, regardless of the channel, service or function.

Therefore menu options, color principles and fonts must be applied to the greatest possible extent to all digital services, such as the intranet and internal web systems, calculation and simulation functions, e-commerce services and various mobile apps and functions. If some functions are not described in this section because they are not yet in use on the website and My SCA and there is a need to design new functionality, this will be done in consultation with the Group Communications brand experts. The section will be expanded subsequently, so we must add to the digital guidelines.

We engage in continual accessibility efforts in order to include everyone who visits SCA’s website or customer portal. Our principle is that the digital services we build must enable everyone to use them on equal terms. Therefore, we are working to ensure that our services conform to the level AA WCAG 2.0 web content accessibility guidelines. The services must be accessible to people with various types of disabilities, whether they use the service via a desktop or on a mobile device. Therefore, it’s important to continually test functions as they are developed to ensure accessibility.