A branded house with sub-brands

Our brand architecture ensures that we communicate under a strong corporate brand. Product brands have their own, expanded visual identity with clear visual connections to the corporate brand, and the corporate brand acts as a sender and seal of approval.


Our brand architecture

Our first level is the SCA corporate brand. The aim, wherever possible, is that our offering should be represented by the SCA corporate brand, and communicated under SCA’s corporate visual identity.

However, the product brands are also in need of their own positioning to ensure relevance and distinctness. This means that the product brands have their own logos and are permitted to use a slightly expanded visual identity in relation to SCA’s corporate visual identity.

Through their activities, the product brands should help to further strengthen the corporate brand and SCA must always be used as a seal of approval in their communication.

We differentiate between B2B and B2C product brands, depending on whether or not we are communicating directly to consumers. Detailed guidelines for the product brands are set out on the following pages.