Operational units are part of the SCA corporate brand. They do not have their own brands or logos.

Positioning operational units

Operational units are part of our SCA corporate brand and describe where an employee works in the company or is communicating from.

Operational units are mainly communicated in body text using Helvetica Neue font. In special cases, operational units can appear in headings using the SCA Sans font.

They do not act as sender in the form of a logo. The only logo used is the SCA corporate logo.

Using the names of operational units in text

Operational units are mainly written and communicated without ‘SCA’ in front, e.g. ‘Obbola paper mill’ or ‘Östrand.’ However, there may be times when ‘SCA Obbola’ is more appropriate than ‘SCA’s paper mill at Obbola.’

On business cards, only the name of the operational unit is used to show where the employee works, e.g. “Obbola paper mill.” “SCA + operational unit” is not used.

In employment ads, SCA is the communicator and recruiter. The name of the operational unit where the position is vacant is highlighted in body text, without “SCA” in front.


Examples of business card, Office template, e-mail signature and employment ad