Guidelines and logos

In-house initiatives are part of the SCA corporate brand. They are permitted to develop their own logo to differentiate the initiative in communication.

Naming principles and sender

In-house initiatives can be given any name as long as they create the desired image of the initiative. “SCA” is not added to the name of an in-house initiative.

In-house initiatives are mainly codified internally, but also externally in speeches, annual reports or the media, for example. In both internal and external communication, the corporate logo is always the sender and seal of approval.

When in-house initiatives are communicated externally, there may be a need to write SCA + name of the initiative to distinguish SCA as the sender.

Logo development and distinctive graphic elements

In-house initiatives are permitted to develop their own logo to make their communication clearer. The visual expression of each logo is developed separately and must be harmonized with SCA’s corporate visual identity.

In-house initiatives do not have their own visual identity. However, graphic elements, such as symbols, may be customized for each initiative to distinguish their purpose and objective. These must always be harmonized with the corporate brand’s visual identity.

Logos and graphic elements are always developed in consultation with Group Communications.


In-house initiatives are based on a project brief.


SCA corporate logo.


The logo for in-house initiatives is the sender but SCA’s corporate logo must always be present as a seal of approval.

The initiative’s logo should be placed where it has the most powerful communicative effect, but never close to SCA’s corporate logo.

The logo should be either the same size, or larger than SCA’s corporate logo.


Ad: SCA’s logo as the sender.

Folder: SCA’s logo as the sender.


Website: SCA’s logo in the menu bar.