The purpose of this section is to clarify how we position SCA, our various operations and our offerings to various target groups.


Our objective is to build one SCA, but our product brands are also in need of their own positioning to resonate with their target groups. We therefore communicate at three brand levels: Group brand SCA, B2B product brands and B2C product brands.

Here you find guidelines for how these different levels relate to each other and their visual expression. The aim of these guidelines is that SCA’s communication will be consistent and effective, and make it easier for different target groups to understand who we are and what we offer.

Brand - definition

A brand is the total accumulation of our functional and emotional associations with a name, offering and visual identity. It can also be described as a company’s promise to various target groups about the benefits they can expect to receive.

A brand is built across all the company’s points of contact – face-to-face meetings, products and services, visual identity, communication, and so forth.

Brand - a key tool

The purpose of a brand is to build trust, drive sales and promote growth by satisfying the needs of various target groups. Our focus should always be on maintaining relevance for our target groups.

Our corporate brand is a guiding tool that describes how it should feel like to interact with us. SCA’s core values and visual identity guide the way we behave, look and communicate, in order to differentiate ourselves from the competition and show our target groups what we represent.