Pie charts

1. Pie chart with filled and empty circles. Can be used for decorative purposes to highlight specific facts on selected occasions.


2. Pie chart in two colors: B1. SCA Blue and G3. SCA Green. B1. SCA Blue is used to accentuate the selected percentage.


3. Pie chart in multiple colors.


4. Pie chart with inner circle for complex visualizations.


Line graphs

1. Defined line types are used in descending order


2. In this example, the graphs follow the above principle and are used over a background color.


Bar charts

Bar charts can be monochrome or multi-colored, depending on the content.

1. Bar chart in a single color. The bars are spread across the entire width of the chart.


2a. Bar chart with more factors.


2b. Bar chart with more factors.


3. Bar chart with two colors for each bar.

4. Bar chart with a dividing line for averages.