The aim of this chapter is to provide guidelines for ads produced by SCA. SCA communicates at three overall levels: corporate brand, B2B product brand and B2C product brands. Our business areas, operational units, projects and in-house initiatives communicate under our corporate brand.

Here, we provide guidance for how to use the right components, formats and layout solution. The guidelines have been created so that we can work together to build our brand in the best possible and uniform manner. The guidelines provide examples of how to design ads for the corporate brand, business areas, recruitment ads for newspapers, the website and outdoor environments.

The three different layout versions are presented here, and they are used for different purposes, depending on how, what and where you want to communicate. Remember that when items are placed in environments where the customer has very little time to decode the message (such as on a highway or the website) the messages should be short and clear, with a minimum number of text levels.

When customers have more time to read the message (such as in magazines and daily newspapers), ads may contain several text levels. Remember, however, to limit the volume of information and keep the messages simple, uncomplicated and straight forward.


Please remember: For an explanation of text groups including FPM, SPM and others, see the page Text groups – overview.



Logo and typography


Colors and color balance






SCA Universe


Image tonality


The ad guidelines are based on guidelines from various parts of SCA’s visual identity. If you want to learn you more about the individual sections of the toolkit, see the list of references below.

Logo – Basic logo rules are set out under the section Logo. There are also specific rules for ad applications in relation to the placement and size of the logo under the section Grid and logo placement.

Colors – All color codes for printing and digital media can be found on the pages Palette and Web content, while overall guidance on colors for ads is presented on the page Color.

Typography – Basic information about fonts and typography can be found under the page Typography. However, more specific guidance for text in ads/banners can be found on the page Text groups.

Images – All images in SCA’s ads should follow SCA’s image guidelines, which you will find under the page Image tonality.