• Ingela Ekebro has been designated the project leader of the year in 2019!

    The Swedish Project Academy has appointed Ingela to the project leader of the year after the successful expansion of the Östrand’s pulp mill.

  • SCA recreating capercaillie lekking site

    SCA has carried out a special harvesting operation to recreate one of Ångermanland’s finest capercaillie lekking sites. Large spruce were felled while old pine, small spruce and bushes were left standing to create an ideal habitat for adult capercaillies and their young chicks.

  • SCA denounces Ponsse’s marketing

    The machine manufacturer Ponsse has financed a calendar, produced by their German distributors, featuring scantily clad women. “We strongly denounce Ponsse’s marketing,” says Jonas Mårtensson, President, Forest.

  • Smart decision support for harvesting is good for the environment and cuts costs

    Using the new system for forwarding optimization, SCA’s site planners can develop smart proposals that help to transport the timber out of the forest in the most efficient manner possible. It is good for the environment, as it helps to avoid damage to the terrain, and also saves money.

  • Nature conservation across company boundaries

    SCA and Holmen are cooperating to create a forest trail with a focus on nature and cultural conservation in a area with first-class forests and high conservation values. The trail is part of Holmen’s “Kunskapsskog” and encompasses SCA’s voluntary set-asides in Kunnådalen in Ångermanland, Sweden.

  • SCA starts the forest adventure "Kalla Champs" with Charlotte Kalla

    SCA is now launching the forest adventure "Kalla Champs" for children and young people together with ski star Charlotte Kalla. The aim is to get more children and young people out into the forest and nature in a playful and fun way. The initiative is based on the belief in the force of the forest and its positive impact on health.

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  • Positive dialogue on Tjäderberget conservation park

    In an effort to optimize the management of Tjäderberget conservation park in Västerbotten, Sweden, SCA arranged an excursion for the park’s reference groups in September. “We want to show what we are doing, while also getting valuable feedback,” says Ulf Hallin, SCA’s nature conservation expert in Västerbotten.

  • New courses and projects within the Treesearch collaboration

    The work within Treesearch is underway and one important step is that several new and recent training courses now are available.