In SCAs new film “Prescribed fires – forest management that benefits many species” you will get to know more about SCA’s work with prescribed fires in our forests and how many species of plants and animals depend on and benefit from fire.

In the film, you will meet SCA-coworkers that work with prescribed fires. They will show how a fire is carried out and how important it is that the forest burns, in order to benefit species that depends on fire to survive.

– Prescribed fire is one of the most effective measures we can do in our forestry to benefit and improve nature conservation in forests that once used to burn. Formerly, the forest were on fire more often than today, since we now fight the fires more effective. By doing prescribed fires we can imitate those bright, open pine forest that arised after a forest fire. And we can recreate that kind of durable dead pine wood that allows the pines to get very old. In this way, we can benefit different species  of plants and animals that need forest incused of fires in order to survive, says Anna Cabrajic, forest ecologist at SCA.

The movie is 6 minutes long and has subtitles in English.

Watch the film at SCA's YouTube channel



Published 2/16/2021