After reading and reviewing 1,000 annual reports from around the world, the best 350 reports have been ranked and rated by an international team and an external panel (Annual Report on Annual Reports). SCA tops the list!

​​​​The reason given for the top ranking was: “An excellently structured annual report, where information is presented extremely well. A good mix of everything, from graphs and figures to strategy and sustainability." The criteria used included the directors' report, sustainability and financial data, as well as presentation and style.

“It is really great that our annual report has received such a positive assessment," says Björn Lyngfelt, SCA's Vice President, Communications. “We strived to make it easily accessible and use clear messages. We challenged ourselves to explain why the forest is a good, long-term investment and, judging by the reactions we received, we succeeded.”

Important source of information
The annual report is a way for the company to communicate with shareholders and other stakeholders, such as customers and suppliers. The primary purpose of the annual report is to present the company's earnings, financial position and development for owners and external stakeholders, and its content is largely determined by the Swedish Annual Accounts Act.
“In addition to presenting the performance for the preceding year, the annual report is also a strong brand carrier and an important communication platform where we can highlight and present SCA to our stakeholders – who we are, what we do and what we stand for. If you want to find out more about a company and its operations then you should turn to its annual report,” says Josefine Bonnevier, Head of Investor Relations.

Work on this year's annual report began before the summer and is planned after the AGM, which will be held on April 15 in 2021. When the auditors have examined the annual report and the Board has approved it, it is published and is updated on SCA's intranet, website, corporate presentation and in print. Ahead of this year's production, SCA changed the agency for its annual report.

“This year we will work together with Halvarsson & Halvarsson. SCA worked with Halvarsson before the division of the company in 2017 so we are not completely new to each other. We will work together to plan and coordinate the entire process. During the autumn, the main focus is on preparing our story and structure, and at the beginning of next year the focus will shift to earnings and results and on bringing the whole report together. The annual report is a big job and involves many people. It is extremely gratifying to receive such a positive assessment of what we have accomplished and to have a qualitative product to nurture and develop,” says Josefine, who is project manager for the 2020 Annual Report.

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Published 9/7/2020