SCA’s seedling operation has now delivered 100,000 spruce seedlings for planting on SCA land in Latvia. The seedlings are frozen and delivered packaged in corrugated board boxes. “This is the first year that we have delivered boxed frozen seedlings,” says Peter Engblom of NorrPlant.

SCA owns approximately 20,000 hectares of land in Latvia and there are plenty of available sites where SCA plans to plant new forest.

“We have delivered 100,000 spruce seedlings of our SuperPot seedling type, which is a two-year-old seedling and therefore somewhat larger than other seedlings,” says Peter Engblom, Business Developer at NorrPlant, and continues:
“SuperPot is perfect for the fertile lands in Latvia because the plant type suits land subject to significant vegetation stress. SuperPot is also suited to planting on agricultural land. The seedling are treated with Hylosafe, our environmentally friendly protective agent against insects aggressions”

Edgars Birks is head of SCA’s planting operations in Latvia.

“These seedlings will be planted on both forest land and old agricultural land that is not being used and is now to be afforested. The seedlings will be planted in the Vidzeme region, which is in northeastern Latvia. The planting work itself will be conducted by our subcontractor SIA Koklētāji using local planters. We are hoping for a very successful result with SuperPot.”

Boxed seedlings a new delivery alternative

This is the first year in which SCA is able to offer frozen spruce and pine seedlings that are delivered packed in practical corrugated board boxes. The boxes protect the seedlings during transport and are easy to handle. The frozen seedlings are suitable when it is not possible to plant immediately on delivery. The seedings survive for at least a week in the boxes because they thaw slowly and do not require water.

“It’s exciting that we can now offer our customers seedlings that are delivered in corrugated board boxes. Our corrugated board boxes hold 70 or 125 seedlings depending on whether the JackPot or SuperPot seedling type is selected.” says Peter.

SCA’s seedling customers in Sweden can have their plants delivered to their home using, for example, the bus freight company Bussgods.
“We can deliver frozen seedlings until midsummer and from midsummer onwards, customers will be able to order fresh seedlings in our corrugated board boxes,” says Peter.

Published 4/7/2020