For the fifth year, the "Global Childrens Designathon" conducted at various places in the world. For the first time Sweden was one of the organizers, and SCA was one of the companies that supported the event.

GCD is a global activity where children aged 7-12 have a day to try to solve, design and "prototype" their own future with a focus on the UN’s global goals. During the day, they also had to present their inventions to an expert panel.

This year's focus was the UN's global goals # 2, # 3, # 12 & # 15, which all have the food and climate areas in common. During the day, about 30 children in Sundsvall turned their creativity into solutions for food and climate problems in the world. The children worked together in groups to solve some of the UN's global goals. They also had contact with other children in several countries through an online connection to encourage each other globally.

Global Children's Designathon is supported globally by the City of Amsterdam, World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF), Patagonia, Bugaboo, Talud, Chocolonely Foundation and PWC and locally by Design in Västernorrland and SCA. GCD Sundsvall was arranged by Design in Västernorrland (DiV) in the Grönborg area in Sundsvall. Besides the event in Sundsvall, a Designathon was also held in Härnösand at Technichus, which makes Northern Sweden at the forefront of this type of event in Sweden.

Published 11/25/2019