The Swedish Project Academy has appointed Ingela to the project leader of the year after the successful expansion of the Östrand’s pulp mill.

The expansion of Östrand's pulp mill in Timrå was an eight-billion project consisting of a total of 13 sub-projects, of which 9 for the plant itself and 4 for market, product quality, wood supply and permission to operate. The project management group consisted of about 150 people, of which about 45 from SCA. Ingela was in charge from the feasibility study, which started in 2014, to completion and start-up in 2018. The project succeeded in delivering on time, within budget, without any serious accidents and the ramp up curve going according to plan.

Ingela Ekebro.

The challenges were to build a new mill succeed on a narrow site without disturbing the ongoing operation, so logistics and security were very important aspects. Great emphasis was put on setting focus on goals and building the team. Game rules were created for how to ensure a successful result, which the suppliers also had to sign. Leadership training was conducted for all sub-project managers, function managers and process engineers. Thanks to good cooperation with the mill organization, disturbances were minimized. Great effort was put into standardized routines and processes for e.g. schedules, orders, cost follow-up and forecast in order to manage the unexpected.

"I am extremely happy and proud to be noticed in this way. Not just for my own part, but for my entire team, everyone in the factory, the rest of SCA and all the suppliers and contractors who contributed to a fantastic result. This is something we have achieved together. It really wasn't easy all day, but we were able and successful because we created a culture where we helped each other. Thanks everyone! We did this well!”, says Ingela Ekebro​

Since 1995, The Swedish Project Academy has awarded the project manager of the year.


Published 11/18/2019