Harbor worker is a job category that is mainly male-dominated. However, at SCA Logistics, a change is taking place and at the Sundsvall terminal, no fewer than five girls have got summer work there.

One of them is Lisa Ståhl. ​Lisa got the job as a summer replacement through a recruitment event that SCA arranged earlier this year. At the event, job applicants were matched against the company's needs, which resulted in her getting summer work as a harbor worker at SCA Logistics in Sundsvall.

Lisa's work duties includes driving a forklift and connecting round slings to timber packages to be loaded onto vessels.
“Before I started here, I had no idea that the work was so varied. It is exciting to try out the different work duties," says Lisa, and continues:

“I feel very well taken care of and the people working here are very good at explaining what the job is about. They make a priority of emphasizing the safety approach, which inspires confidence."

One of Lisa's instructors is Marcus Johansson, harbor worker, who also participated in the recruitment of the summer workers.
 “I find it's only positive that there are more women working as summer replacements. But it is important to remember that nobody was employed on the basis of being a woman or a man, but because they have been assessed as capable employees," says Markus, and adds:

“The demands we make of those who are going to work here is that they have a mature and a safety-based attitude, as well as being prepared to learn the job. As I see it, there is no obstacle to being a girl and working here."​

Marcus Johansson goes through Lisa's upcoming work duties in the harbor. Great emphasis on safety.

​A modern workplace with equality

Lisa believes that she could well envisage continuing to work as a harbor worker after her time as a summer replacement.
“I don't think I would want to work here for the rest of my life, but for a few years at least. My plan is to study at university after high school, but I have not yet decided exactly what area," she says.

Helena Johansson, HR partner at Logistics, says that, in 2019, SCA is aiming to take further steps forward in increasing equality at the company's workplaces.
“We want modern workplaces with equality and we want to be an attractive employer for all. Research also confirms that increased equality and diversity leads to healthier, more creative and more profitable business ​operations," she says.

Markus believes that progress has already been made as regards a cultural change in the terminal.
“If we go back 15 years, there was definitely a tougher attitude among harbor workers. But today, there is nobody who raises an eyebrow about women working here, and everybody finds this nothing other than positive," he concludes.

Picture above: Two of the women who have been summer workers at the terminal in Sundsvall this summer are Tilde Sundin and Lisa Ståhl.

Published 8/29/2019