SCA's sawmill in Bollsta won the Gender Equality Prize 2018 at an award on Friday. The prize celebrates a company in the municipality of Kramfors, Sweden, who has actively worked with gender equality during the past year.


The award ceremony was presented by Liv Höglund, gender equality developer at Kramfors Municipality and Susanne Königson, head of the community department at Kramfors Municipality. Photo: Ann-Cathrin Granbäck/Kramfors Municipality.

The Gender Equality Prize was handed out during the gala “Företagsgalan 2018”, where companies in Kramfors municipality are awarded. The finalists of 2018 were Bollsta sawmill, Byberg & Nordin and Elpress. On Friday evening, November 16, it was announced that Bollsta sawmill had won this year’s Gender Equality Prize.

The sawmill received the prize because they have clearly demonstrated that gender equality is a important question to work with every day. Through research on workplace culture and employee surveys, they have created a basis for improving gender equality and setting up goals and activities that support those goals.

"It feels great to win! We have a lot left to do, but this prize is a proof that we have done a lot. We had the goal of having 30 percent female vacation employees this year, a goal we almost reached. Next year we will raise the bar and have 50 percent female vacation employees, "says Johan Olofsson, Sawmill Manager at Bollsta sawmill.

The sawmill started working towards an gender equal workplace in 2016 when they, together with Luleå Technical University, developed a plan for how to reach this goal. They worked out a plan on what activities they would carry out and in which order they were to be carried out to reach the goal.

"For example, we visit schools to present what we do and how it looks like at a sawmill. We also have a dialogue with the Swedish Public Employment Service on how to recruit more women. In February, we will organize a theme evening together with the the Swedish Public Employment Service where we will present how it is to work at the sawmill," says Johan Olofsson.

"The prize shows us that we are doing something good. The plan ahead is that we reach young people for the recruitment of next year’s vacation employees. We want to show what it’s like to work at our company, says Ida Norberg, Business Manager at Bollsta sawmill.

During the company gala at Bollsta Folkets, a total of seven prizes were awarded. Winners in each category were:

  • Start-up of the year: The Coast's Farm Brewery
  • Store of the Year: Kramfors Trade
  • Company of the Year: Älgsjö Såg
  • Gender Equality Prize: SCA Wood, Bollsta sawmill
  • Small company of the year: Bollsta Folkets Hus
  • UF company of the year: TRENDX UF
  • Futura of the year: Annikka Arvidsson