Communication is important for us within SCA, and we are proud of our magazines."Din Skog" is our magazine for forest owners and competes in the category of Customer magazines, and our own "SCA Inside" competes in the category of Employee Magazines.

Both magazines are published four times a year. Important parts for "Din Skog" are to be interesting, easy-to-read and to have an appealing design. All in order to promote our relationship and our business with forest owners. For "SCA Inside", main focus is on having easy-to-use content and depicting our big and exciting company. One goal is that the magazine should be a culture carrier and contribute to discussions about current topics.

"It's an honor to be nominated for The Publishing Prize, and nice to see that we are well in comparison with other magazines in both of these areas. Inside is, in addition to our intranet, the only channel that reaches all our employees in Sweden", says Lisa Rhodiner, Communication Officer at SCA and editor of SCA Inside.

The magazines are produced both by our own and in collaboration with the local companies: Kerstin Olofsson Kommunikation and Matsson Reklam & Information. The final will be held in Stockholm on November 7th.

Published 9/7/2018