Greatest care and substantial support to the fire brigade. The record long draught has consequences for SCA. Several fires have affected SCA forests and SCA’s forest management has had to adopt a number of restrictions in order to be able to continue operations with minimal risk for fire.

Fires are burning in all of SCA's operations area and some of them are presently out of control. SCA is supporting the fire brigade with manpower and equipment in several of those fires. A large forest fire in the Stormossaflon close to Helgum in Ångermanland forest district was detected on July 7, but first after ten days it was so well contained that SCA could take the responsibility for the final extinction of the fire.

A minor share of the burned-down forest belonged to SCA, but the forest district supported the fire brigade with staff and equipment for most of the firefighting. The staff of the forest district now takes on the responsibility for the final extinction, which is expected to take at least a week.

As SCA has operations over the northern half of Sweden, there are opportunities to adjust planning to local variations. Fellings are moved from dry and rocky areas to more humid and soft forest land. Operations are moved from daytime to the night.

SCA's local management goes through tract by tract and practically day by day with the work teams and draw conclusions as to how the work shall be carried out. SCA takes all costs for fire guards, night work or stops, so that a contractor will not have to weigh risk to income.

These adaptions have so far not led to any disruptions in the wood supply to SCA's industries. Logging is going on in most of SCA's operations area, but possibly in other forests than those planned and during the night instead of the day.

Soil preparation is the most fire-prone operation in the forest and some forest districts has decided to stop soil preparation altogether for the time being. Unless these stand-stills cannot be compensated for during the autumn, there may be consequences for the planting next year. This year planting is carried on as usual. Well-watered seedlings from Bogrundet that are planted deep on well prepared planting sites, will manage the extended draught.

Most of the fires that have started in SCA's area of operations have been caused by lightning or by tourists in the forest. SCA's measures to run forest operations with high concern for the risk of fire have worked well.

Published 7/19/2018