The long draught continues and the fire-risk is very high in northern Sweden. Towards the coming weekend, however, colder weather and reduced fire-risk is forecasted. On Wednesday July 25, approximately 600 hectares of forest land hand burned on SCA land.

It is primarily in the forest districts Jämtland and Ångermanland where larger areas have burned, but fires and fire incidents have occurred in all forest districts.

Most fires within our area of operations is now under control and have in many cases been handed over by the fire brigade to the land-owner for final extinction and control. Last week around 200 SCA-employees and contractors were working with fire-fighting and final extinction of fire. In the middle of this week the figure is less than half of that.

We continue to give the highest priority to fire-risk in all forestry operations. Every work-site is analyzed day by day. Operations are moved from areas with higher fire-risk to those with lower risk. Work at night, fire-guards and extra equipment for fire-fighting are other measures being taken.

At present, we do not estimate the fires to affect the raw material supply for our industries. It is due to several things, our own forest have suffered relatively mildly, and stable raw material supplies before the fires started.