• SCA charters two large container vessels

    On April 22, 2020, SCA takes two bigger container vessels on charter. The vessels have considerably larger cargo capacity than their predecessors. They are today named m/v Baltic Shearwater and m/v Baltic Petrel.

  • SCA to experiment with planting sallow for an endangered flower

    There is plenty of pine and spruce at Bogrundet plant nursery, but now there is also a small amount of sallow seedlings growing in the laboratory. If all goes to plan, the sallow will be planted in SCA’s pasqueflower forest in Fåssjödal and assist in the survival of the rare pasqueflower.

  • Interim Report Q1 2020

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  • SCA increases pulp price by $ 40

    SCA increases the price on bleached softwood kraft pulp, NBSK, by $ 40 per tonne.

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  • Ortviken paper mill enters discussions on temporary layoffs

    The corona pandemic has lead to significant short-term uncertainties for the publication paper market. This may lead the Ortviken Publication Paper mill to temporarily halt production. As a result Ortviken has entered discussions with the trade unions regarding temporary layoffs.

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