• Investment in autonomous forestry machines

    SCA is participating in a comprehensive project to develop autonomous forestry machines. The goal is to make things easier for operators and ultimately to be able to control forwarders from an office.

  • SCA helps rare moth

    SCA has taken action to improve Norrland’s only location where the Zygaena osterodensis moth thrives. It is testing various methods and hopes these will increase the number of moths.

  • Bollsta sawmill winner of Gender Equality Prize

    SCA's sawmill in Bollsta won the Gender Equality Prize 2018 at an award on Friday. The prize celebrates a company in the municipality of Kramfors, Sweden, who has actively worked with gender equality during the past year.

  • New major expansion of wind power on SCA's land

    E.ON, together with Swiss company: Credit Suisse Energie Infrastructure Partners, will build one of Europe's largest land-based wind parks in Sweden. The facilities are mostly located on SCA's land and most of it in the municipality of Härnösand.

  • Restored wetlands benefits animals and nature

    SCA is restoring a 50-hectare wetland area in Bjursjömyren in Ångermanland, Sweden, in cooperation with the Västernorrland County Administrative Board. The restoration of the bog will benefit birds and other animals and reduce carbon emissions.