• Attempts to save endangered ortolan in SCA’s clearcuts

    SCA is participating in efforts to try and save the endangered ortolan bunting, which thrives in clearcut areas. During a forest inspection, SCA’s nature conservation experts joined county administrative boards and ornithologists to determine appropriate actions.

  • Our welfare comes from the forest

    On September 9, 2018 elections were made to parliament, municipality and county council in Sweden. During an election year, much is said about more money for different ventures, not least in the welfare sector. Just before the election we within SCA, through our CEO Ulf Larsson, made a contribution to the public debate about this. A debate article was published in the daily newspaper Sundsvalls Tidning and below is the entire article.

  • Ortviken's Paper Mill invites you to Open House

    Welcome to our Open House at SCA and Ortviken's paper mill at September 30th between 10.00 and 14.00. Take the opportunity to get an insight into Sundsvall’s largest private employer.

  • SCA helps inventory key habitats

    The Swedish Forest Agency’s Woodland Key Habitat Inventory has started in north-western Sweden and is testing a new method for identifying and registering areas with high conservation values. SCA is participating as a landowner and is providing experienced personnel.

  • SCA has developed a new sustainable sizing additive to produce water resistant paper

    The innovation concerns a sizing additive that SCA has developed to improve the production of water resistant, hydrophobic, paper. The additive can be produced in a green sustainable manner. The development work is still ongoing and no decisions have been taken regarding commercialization.