• Interim Report Q2 2022

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  • SCA contractor creates jobs for women from Ukraine

    The war in Ukraine affects many forestry contractors, who have not been able to hire enough staff. Åke Backman in Älvsbyn has only got hold of a fraction of his staff, but some could be solved thanks to the fact that he hired women who fled the war in Ukraine. ”I have seven women from Ukraine who work for me and then I let a few more women with young children live in my houses, which are still empty because of the staff shortage,” says Åke.

  • SCA's world-unique electric timber truck from Scania has arrived

    To further strengthen the sustainable value chain, SCA has, together with Scania, developed the world's first electric timber truck with a capacity of 80 tonnes. SCA's goal is to make the entire value chain fossil-free. "We have come a long way in industrial processes, which are already 96 percent fossil-free. We are very pleased that we together with Scania can break new ground to make the heaviest transports fossil-free," says Hans Djurberg, Head of Sustainability at SCA.

  • White-backed woodpeckers nesting on SCA’s land

    There are white-backed woodpeckers nesting on SCA’s land in Västerbotten. This very rare woodpecker has stringent habitat requirements and SCA has taken several measures in the area to try and attract the bird. It seems those efforts have finally paid off.