UN Sustainable Development Goals

SCA contributes to all 17 goals.

The 2030 Agenda is the plan of action agreed on by world leaders to secure freedom, prosperity and the environment for future generations. The plan is set out in 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that together and as a whole express ambitions for a desirable development. The SDGs were adopted in 2015 and are used as a framework for national plans, international commitments and in the private sector. The inclusion of economic growth with social and environmental dimensions makes the framework highly relevant for responsible companies.

Sweden’s action plan for the 2030 Agenda includes the two priorities: “a socially beneficial, circular and bio-based economy” and “a strong business sector with corporate social responsibility”. Innovation and regional development are other watchwords. SCA makes a direct or indirect contribution to all of these goals.

Goal 1 and 2

Goal 3 and 5

Goal 4 and 8

Goal 6 and 14

Goal 7 and 9

Goal 10 and 11

Goal 12 and 13

Goal 15

Goal 16 and 17