SCA invests SEK 7.8 billion in Östrand pulp mill in Timrå. The new factory, which will start up in June 2018, will become a factory of world-class in terms of product quality, environment and competitiveness.

Project Helios

It is one of the largest industrial investment ever in Sweden and the largest in northern Sweden ever. SCA Östrand double its production capacity from 430 000 tonnes to 900 000 tonnes and will get the biggest production line for bleached kraft pulp in the world.

The project has been named Helios, after the sun god in the Greek mythology. Thanks to Helios SCA will have a pulp mill that will bring growth, jobs and prosperity in the North in decades ahead.


Östrand pulp mill currently produces 425 000 tonnes of bleached kraft pulp. About half is used for SCA's own manufacturing of publication papers and hygiene products and the remaining volume is sold to external customers. The demand for bleached kraft pulp is large and reflects a growing demand for tissue. The plant also produces 95,000 tons of chemical thermo-mechanical pulping - CTMP - for hygiene, packaging and other products.

Environment focus

SCA Östrand is quality-certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and energy certified according to EN 16001. Östrand is also chain-of-custody approved in accordance with FSC and PEFC.

SCA Östrand has a major focus on the environment and environmental performance is important to our customers. Östrand will be equipped with state of the art technology to minimize emissions to air and water. The new facility will become the leader in terms of resource management that generates surplus energy to be sold in the form of green electricity. Customers will be offered both TCF (Total Chlorine Free) and ECF pulp, produced with raw materials from sustainable forestry.

SCA Östrand has 215 employees (excl SCA UH).


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