The award was created to encourage, spread and capitalise on best practice and improvement activity carried out by suppliers each year in the area of environmental and social sustainability.
More than three hundred companies are taking part, from Italy and abroad.

Underpinning the award is the "TenP - Sustainable Supply Chain Self-Assessment Platform" project, conceived and promoted by the Global Compact Network Italy (GCNI) Foundation, of which Sofidel is a "Founding and Promoting Member". TenP is a tool to support self-evaluation of performance built on the Ten Principles ("TenP") of the UN Global Compact, which, following the most relevant and up-to-date standards and conventions on sustainability, takes the areas of human rights, labour conditions, environmental protection and the fight against corruption into account, to identify common challenges and solutions to improve sustainability within the supply chain.

Sofidel has instituted three award categories:

  • Best Supplier: the company that has achieved the highest score according to the TenP platform
  • Best Improver: the company that has made the greatest improvement to its results by undertaking new environmental and social sustainability procedures
  • Best Sustainable Project: an accolade for a company that has implemented a particularly important environmental and social responsibility initiative