The Celeste product group comprises four strong, totally chlorine-free, softwood kraft pulp grades: Celeste, Celeste Strong, Celeste Tissue and Celeste Filter.

The grades are manufactured according to our customers' requirements, with varying brightness levels, and can be delivered both as sheet and flash dried. Celeste is characterized by its excellent refining properties, low shive content, uniformity, purity and high strength. With excellent beatability, the energy used in beating can often be reduced, as can costs, in relation to other pulps. In addition, refining capacity is freed up.

Celeste has a wide range of applications and is highly suitable for the manufacture of most products, such as tissue, writing and printing paper, fine paper and various special products. SCA has developed special pulp grades that are tailored around the customer's requirements.

For uniformity and runnability

Chemical long-fiber pulp is used primarily to provide strength to the paper and improve runnability in the paper machine and printing press. The amount of long-fiber kraft pulp in publication paper varies normally from 0 percent to 40 percent. Producing paper with good printability, formation and surface smoothness is of the utmost importance. With Celeste, we have a strong and easily refined kraft pulp that provides good runnability in paper machines and, with its slim fibers, produces a product with excellent formation and surface smoothness.

Celeste Tissue

Celeste Tissue is a pulp that is specially developed for tissue paper. It is highly acclaimed by our customers, thanks to its excellent properties, which include high tensile strength, low fluctuation in quality, low shive content, purity and outstanding beatability.

Celeste Strong

Celeste Strong is characterized by high bulk, fiber length and tear strength as well as higher beating resistance compared with Celeste. These properties also allow for new and exciting areas of application in which the long fibers and the high bulk are very suitable attributes.

Celeste Filter

Celeste Filter is our most recently developed quality, characterized by high porosity especially at low beating. The product has proven to perform well for a variety of filter products. These factors, together with its strong environmental profile, have made it a highly preferred product by our customers.

A unique product with a strong environmental profile

The combination of TCF, FSC® and PEFC, and our commitment to continuously improve our sustainability, has given us a leading environmental position among kraft pulp mills.We continuously strive to reduce our impact on the environment and economizeour resources by developing and improving the production process. Extensive investments have been made as part of our constant efforts to enhance the production process and to minimize the mill's impact on the environment. These investments include significant environmental improvements to, for example, the recovery boiler and turbine, thereby reducing air emissions and making us self-sufficient in terms of green electricity. Improvements also include a new biological wastewater treatment plant that reduces the level of emissions released and a modern, Totally Chlorine Free (TFC) bleach plant with very low water consumption.

Our latest achievement is the Bio Loop project, which has involved the replacement of two oil-fueled lime kilns with one new biopellet-fueled kiln. The project reduced our carbon footprint by more than 80 percent and further increased integration with our forest operations by using more of the tree. In addition, investments have been made in logistics, such as railroad tracks and a new dock, all aimed at reducing our impact on the environment.