Henning Ellström, Vice President Sales and Marketing

"The new mill, ready after the summer, will allow us to produce the highest quality of TCF and ECF products. Our new grade of pulp will be called SCA Pure, and we will more than double our capacity.

The new pulp will have radically improved tensile strength and tear strength. And that's not the only improvement we are making. SCA Pure will be the European pulp benchmark, available as ECF and TCF.

We are a tight team, organized around one mill. We have no layers between production, support and the sales organization – which makes us fast and flexible for our customers.

Something else that makes us stand out is that we have the largest private forest holding in Europe – 2.6 million hectares.

We plant seedlings in our own forests. Trees that will grow for a century before they are harvested. Then we produce renewable and recyclable products with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

This provides us with full control over our processes. We know the exact story of every tree. There will be no nasty surprises for our customers. And, of course, our products are certified as both FSC and PEFC.

We have developed a resource-efficient industry where the entire tree is used. In addition to pulp, we also produce solid wood products, kraftliner, publication papers and renewable energy. A leading industrial eco system, driven by the force of the forest, as we call it."




Jessica Sjöberg, Product Manager Celeste

"We have produced Celeste for several years, a pulp that has been very popular due to its excellent beating properties, purity and high strength. But we are not satisfied with that – we are on a mission to truly improve.

We see increased demand for certified premium pulp on the market, as well as increased demand for ECF pulp. As a result, we have made our largest investment ever and after this summer we will produce TCF and ECF pulp. And will more than double our capacity.

Our new mill, equipped with the latest technology, will allow us to produce pulp with considerably improved performance. And the environmental performance will be world class.

One example is our brand-new drying machine, which will save us a substantial amount of energy. Add to that, an expansion of the water purification plant, among many other improvements.

Another example is that we will now triple our energy efficiency, and will sell the surplus as green electricity.

This means we can truly help our customers to reach both their environmental and certification goals.

Our new grade of pulp will be called SCA Pure and will be available after the summer.

Initially, we will have two TCF grades and three ECF grades with a high level of brightness."




Jörgen Bergström, Head of Development & Product Manager Star

"We support our customers in many different ways. For some customers it's more about troubleshooting than innovation.

With certain customers, we have joint R&D projects and innovation races, identifying new business opportunities to jointly explore.

Naturally, we also try to be proactive and invest plenty in product development and in other improvements.

To be successful in this work, we need to know our customers and to have good insight into their business.

For many years, investments have focused on R&D, and this will continue to be the case. As such, we have our own R&D center with experienced researchers and specialists, and work closely with external partners such as the Mid Sweden University.

Our R&D Center has several advanced labs, pilot machines as well as facilities specially designed for innovation races together with our customers.

New equipment for online quality measurement and quality prediction has also been installed in our new mill, which helps to improve our service offering and product uniformity.

Increased capacity in product innovation means we can now evaluate and implement specific developments. These include modification of the fiber surface to achieve unique properties in the final paper product. Or the evolution of a new grade of pulp with unique, high-tensile strength.

Our plan is to launch at least one new product within the next year. Pulp for tissue applications is our target, with other segments to follow."




Arvid Eriksson, Sales Manager Tissue

"Our customers want to secure sufficient volumes of certified pulp and they want a top-performing pulp, where tensile strength is of particular importance.

I also see increased demand for a strong environmental profile, the lower we can keep our carbon footprint, the better we can help our customers to reach their environmental goals.

Our environmental data will be the new industry benchmark when our new mill is ready this summer. We are on par with or better than the best currently available technology and our energy efficiency has vastly improved, and, for example, this will simplify third-party certification for our customers.

We have increased tensile strength by more than 5%, which allows our customers to improve their end-product properties, including softness or bulk, by using less energy.

Our new pulp, available as TCF and ECF, is specifically designed to meet the demands of our tissue customers, with world-class consistency and tensile strength.

It is in our genes at SCA to constantly invest in the development of new products, and to offer new properties that help create benefits for our customers. This has certainly been the case in developing pulp for tissue and hygiene applications over the years.

SCA Pure is the first new product family in our pipeline, and will be closely followed by a new grade with even higher tensile strength, developed especially for tissue customers.

Over the past 100 years, our forests in Sweden have more than doubled in size, due to carefully management practices. For every tree we harvest, we plant three new ones. Then we produce renewable and recyclable products with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Add the fact that we have now tripled our energy efficiency, and will sell the surplus as green electricity.

That's a story we can help our customers tell their customers, which are often the consumers. And, of course, our products are certified as both FSC and PEFC."




Romano Miato, Sales Manager Italy & Austria

"I see increased demand for certified premium pulp from my customers. And I also see increased demand for more tailor-made products and flexible services. Our customers are also more open to discuss long-term cooperation.

We're not only making substantial investments in our mill, doubling capacity and launching SCA Pure, we are also stepping up our service offering, showing great attention to customer needs and creating value for them. We aim to reduce their risks and production costs.

Our new mill will also allow us to further strengthen our already strong environmental profile.

We aim to improve our logistics as well, striving to simplify each link in the supply chain and to optimize the entire logistics flow. One example of this is the implementation of supply chain tracking. This will naturally be of great benefit for our customers, many of whom are long term.

We also offer tailor-made solutions to fit specific customer demands. These can span a wide variety of areas, such as VMI, buffer stock and fast deliveries. Thanks to our investments in R&D and product development, we can assist our customers with advanced expertise.

We have been producing top-quality pulp for almost a century from our own Nordic forests, and one year ago, SCA became a new company focusing solely on forest products in our portfolio."