Today, consumers demand constantly improving pulp products, with reduced impact on the environment. In parallel, producers strive to improve their bottom line, while reducing costs and saving resources.

At SCA, we produce leading quality pulp, designed to meet these demands, especially in terms of environmental performance. In our forests in northern Sweden - the largest private forest holding in Europe -  we carefully grow trees for a century before they are harvested to become renewable and recyclable products. For every tree harvested at least two new ones are planted. The constantly growing forests we source our wood from also absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide. In fact, SCA´s climate benefit 2019 corresponds to emissions from all cars in Sweden.

In the growing forests over 20% of the forest land is reserved to ensure a rich plant and natural life, where biodiversity thrives. Our state-of-the-art pulp mill is world leading in energy and resource efficiency, with record minimised impact on the environment.

We pride ourselves on the success of our customers. Using our broad application expertise, especially within tissue and packaging, we tailor pulp solutions to meet our customers' specific needs. Through business development and product innovation, we have proven able to help improve their bottom line.

SCA Pure

SCA Pure is our top-performing NBSK pulp. Pure, as in pure performance, pure profitability, and pure sustainability. SCA Pure have unique strength properties, certified as both FSC® and PEFC™. However this is not the only improvement we are striving for, it is our ambition to position SCA Pure as the standalone European pulp benchmark. This premium pulp is available in several different product grades, initially offering two TCF grades and three ECF grades. SCA Pure replaces Celeste, our old NBSK pulp.  Read more

SCA Star

SCA Star is our high-quality chemichal thermo mechanical pulp, CTMP, with good consistency and high environmental performance, certified as FSC and PEFC. It can be tailored to meet specific customer demands, with varying brightness levels and unique properties for different applications. When our new facility at Ortvikens industrial site is completed in 2023, we will be able to offer our customers unique opportunities for customization. SCA Star offers star-quality bulk, adding stiffness in packaging and improving absorption in tissue products. Read more

SCA Cirrus

SCA Cirrus is our series of superior green products, responsibly refined from our pulp production, including tall oil, turpentine, district-heating and green energy. Tall oil is a renewable raw material for making bio-diesel, and we are proud to boast that this is the world´s largest production facility for tall oil. SCA Pulp is also a significant provider of green energy to the Swedish power grid and district heating for Timrå and Sundsvall municipality. Read more