SCA has developed a new paper grade from fresh fibres.

GraphoInvent creates entirely new possibilities to produce magazines, inserts and direct mail. You don't need to compromise on paper quality to save money anymore. Now you can create printed materials with a high-quality feel and appearance without costs going through the roof. The secret is high bulk and brightness. And that isn't something that happens by itself.

To enable us to offer you our super-bright GraphoInvent paper, SCA invested 30 MGBP (38 million €) in the Ortviken paper mill. Through extensive development, we succeeded in creating a unique paper.

It is in our interest to make sure the results are as good as they can possibly be. That's why here at SCA , we have local technical support for printers to ensure optimal results on all our paper products.


Do you notice the difference?

The high opacity of GraphoInvent means that you can't see through it, even at low grammages. It also enables that you can choose a lower-weight paper without losing the feeling of quality.

"Suitable for high-quality supplements, magazines, inserts, flyers and commercial printing."
GraphoInvent is bulky and bright, which makes for great printing. Yet the paper is also very eco-friendly. All the Grapho brands have an extraordinary environmental profile. SCA has full control of the entire chain, from the raw materials, through the entire production to the distribution process. Sustainability has been an integrated part of the operations for a long period of time.

Available in: 54, 57, 60, 65 and 70 gsm.


  • Excellent perceived whiteness for demanding high value printed products.
  • Thick and stable sheet for high quality feel.
  • Clean surface for superior image reproduction.
  • Outstanding environmental position with unique low carbon footprint, TCF, FSC, PEFC and EU Ecolabel certifications, ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.

GraphoInvent - Do you notice the difference?