GraphoCote is a glossy paper with high brightness, whiteness and opacity that is well suited to magazine printing which demands optimum image and color reproduction. The paper’s high opacity provides for low print show through. The paper has excellent printability. Its extensive color gamut, allowing for strong shades in image reproduction, makes GraphoCote an excellent alternative to coated wood-free paper. GraphoCote’s gloss contrast between printed and white sections is very good.

GraphoCote Light

GraphoCote Light is a bright, bulky paper with good opacity. Its slightly lower grammage and adapted qualities make GraphoCote Light a good complement to the well-established GraphoCote. With the perfect balance between grammage, brightness and opacity, this is the right choice for magazines and product catalogues, as well as supplements and direct mail that require lower grammages.


GraphoStyle is a bright, light coated, high-bulk paper designed to produce a characteristically unique look with a natural feel. GraphoStyle has high brightness while retaining opacity, giving the paper low print show through and good color reproduction. The paper's matt surface provides good readability and a sense of volume. The high bulk allows opportunities to reduce grammage compared against the average coated paper, without affecting the publication's thickness.




  • GraphoSilk has high bulk, good runnability, printability and whiteness. The paper's features include high brightness combined with high opacity. GraphoSilk is a silky paper suitable for magazines aiming for a modern look and a feeling of optimum quality. The paper has good opacity and excellent color reproduction. The smooth surface creates excellent readability and allows for the reproduction of detailed images. GraphoSilk is an excellent alternative to coated wood-free paper


GraphoLux has high brightness, opacity and bulk. GraphoLux's broad grammage range offers excellent options in terms of feel, weight and cost.

GraphoLux is our classic and reliable LWC paper. This paper grade is great for most printed matter, from direct mail to magazines.


GraphoMatt is a bulky, matt coated paper featuring the ideal combination of good runnability and high print quality, giving the paper an attractive print gloss, good color reproduction and high readability. GraphoMatt is a perfect choice if you have a product containing lots of text and you also need good image quality