SCA has been in the paper business for more than 50 years, and firmly believe that knowledge is the key to success. We want to share our broad competence with our customers and can provide both on-site education at the printers or publishing houses or customer seminars at our mills. We have also developed a team of local technical experts, not just for trouble shooting, but also to assist you in optimising the printing process, with the aim to increase quality and reduce costs. For more information about education or support please contact your nearest SCA representative. If you don’t know who to contact please use


Do you want to have more knowledge about papermaking? As a purchaser you might want to update your paper product skills or know more about reel handling or transportation? We can tailor make courses at individual customers - conducted to a large extent in local languages. You are also welcome to visit our mills where we can arrange a programme containing both theoretical and practical exercises to improve your understanding of our industry.

Product performance

High technical competence can be offered directly in the pressroom.

SCAs technical service team is regarded as flexible and efficient problem solvers who give quick responses. Our task is to prevent or rectify customers' problems and to assimilate and convey the customers' views on products and service. Our goal is to ensure that our customers achieve the finest print quality and have as a trouble-free experience as possible, when printing SCA paper grades.


Experience the world of the wood fibre!

A visit to the northern part of Sweden can give you a full understanding of the forest and paper based industry in just a couple of days. Follow the chain from a small seed in the tree nursery through to harvesting in our 2.6 million hectares of forest. We utilize the whole tree in our sawmills, pulp mill, bio energy plant and of course also at the paper mill. We can inform you about environmental aspects throughout the production chain, including carbon emissions, FSC/PEFC certification, or other environmental related paper labelling.

Click here to learn about the five steps towards getting FSC certification.

Our paper mills are Chain-of-Custody (CoC) certified, which means that the wood raw material comes from controlled sources. To use the FSC certification on your products, your company must be certified in accordance with Forest Stewardship Council's guidelines. Verification is conducted through a traceability chain. Please contact our Environmental service, which can be of assistance in this process.

Visual appearance

Perception laboratory

The instrumental quality measurements of today are good, but not good enough to obtain all the answers. Our eyes provide us with valuable aspects as to how we perceive quality.

With the aid of a special perception laboratory, the SCA R&D Centre has developed a world-class methodology for visual assessments. The highly capable panel assigned to work with perceptual evaluation has considerable experience in judging paper and print quality. These evaluations provide the mills with solid information on paper quality, which then form the basis for product optimization and product development. SCA can provide a course to learn more about how to rely on the judgement of your own eyes.

Paper properties

Can we rely on measurement results?

Many factors can affect the result, such as operator handling, the sample's moisture content, the dimensions of the sample strip, the instrument calibration etc. Measuring correctly is important but it is even more important to measure consistently.
There are many pitfalls to be careful with, but we still want to give a small overview of the most common paper properties, in order to give a better understanding of our product specifications.

Paper defects